The main objective in BRAVE is to improve safety and market adoption of automated vehicles, by considering the needs and requirements of the users, other road users concerned (drivers and vulnerable road users) and relevant stakeholders (i.e. policy makers, standardisation bodies, certifiers, insurance companies, driving schools), assuring safe integration of key enabling technology advancements while being fully compliant with the Public deliverables

BRAVE will support a fast introduction of automated driving by assuring the acceptance of all relevant users, other road users affected and stakeholders.

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Multidisciplinary (social, economic, security and ethical considerations) study of the requirements and expectations of drivers and other stakeholders regarding the use of automated vehicles.

Development of innovative Human Machine Interface-paradigms based on the conclusions of the previous study in order to bridge the gap between users and automation technologies.

Enhance current Advanced Driving Assistance Systems by the inclusion of new predictive algorithms to increase the accuracy of vehicles and vulnerable road users paths prediction to reduce the reaction time in emergency maneuvers.

Guarantee system robustness and reliability under any possible scenario and condition.

Evolve validation protocols and propose advancements on the regulation or consumerist assessment..