We were at EU CAD conference

On April 2nd and 3rd, BRAVE partners attended the EU CAD conference in Brussels. This event is a major gathering of Connected and Automated mobility experts from Europe and beyond. BRAVE shared a booth with InterACT and TrustVehicle, our “sister-projects” also funded by the European Commission under H2020-ART call for proposals.


About EU CAD

This second European Conference on connected and automated driving was untitled ‘Connected Automated Driving: Europe takes the lead’

EUCAD 2019 brings together political leaders from the European Commission and Member States, experts from the industry and road authorities to discuss all the major challenges related to automated mobility.

More details are available on the conference website: https://connectedautomateddriving.eu/eucad2019/


About InterACT

As Automated Vehicles (AVs) will be deployed in mixed traffic, they need to interact safely and efficiently with other traffic participants. The interACT project will be working towards the safe integration of AVs into mixed traffic environments. In order to do so, interACT will analyse todays’ human-human interaction strategies, and implement and evaluate solutions for safe, cooperative, and intuitive interactions between AVs and both their on-board driver and other traffic participants.



About TrustVehicle

TrustVehicle aims at advancing technical solutions for automated driving to better assess critical situations in mixed traffic scenarios and even under harsh environmental conditions, hence increasing safety far beyond the current levels.

The project follows a user-centric approach and will provide solutions which significantly increase reliability and trustworthiness of automated vehicles and contribute to end-user acceptance.


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