New partnership with IMPACT Connected Car project

BRAVE as recently signed a new partnership agreement with another EU-funded project: IMPACT Connected Car. The objective of this partnership is to leverage dissemination activities, and take advantage of the communication channels of both project to reach a larger audience.

IMPACT Connected Car aims at providing support to SMEs of the connected car industry. The project especially offers Business, Financial and Technical coaching to beneficiaries, through a wide network of experts. SMEs will also benefit from a funding of up to 60k€ and have an easier access to large corporates to develop partnerships.

Objectives of the project are as follow:

  • Organise a proper “Open Space” for cross-sectoral fertilization to support a rapid development of the emerging Connected Car Industry (CCI) in Europe.
  • Discovering and supporting a portfolio of 70 disruptors of the Connected Car Industry
  • Drive an innovative Smartization programme for the SMEs selected which will be organized in three main stages: a ‘1st Stage. Discovery Boot Camp’, a ‘2nd Stage. Ignition Plan’, and a ‘3rd Stage. Product/process/method Development’
  • Strongly support the formal creation of new value chains around the Connected Car emerging industry.
  • Become leading Europe’s community of the Connected Car and also an instrument to speed up the smart reindustrialization of the EU industries which might be mainstreamed to other regions/sectors

More information on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP)

And on the project website

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