First consortium meeting in Slovenia on December 19-20 2018

On 19th and 20th December, BRAVE partners gathered in Slovenia. This first consortium meeting was hosted by the Automotive Association of Slovenia (AMZS), six months after launching the project.


The first day in Ljubljana was a great opportunity to review the work done by each partner, to discuss the first outcomes and to plan the activities for the months to come. Presentations especially focus on the literature review (carried out by IfeS and VTI), and discussions were mainly centered on the definition of use cases. Indeed, specific scenarios had to be prepared for incoming testing of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) by road users.

Consortium meeting in Ljubljana
Consortium meeting in Ljubljana


Thus, the second day was fully dedicated to the preparation of the test-track studies, in AMZS test facilities of Vransko. In January, AMZS will study user’s requirements and behavior regarding market and close to market ADAS systems. BRAVE focuses on user’s requirements, and therefore the studies will encompass drivers as well as other road users, Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) and various stakeholders.


Volkswagen Arteon cars for BRAVE testing

Two use cases have been defined, both easily replicable by professional drivers. Testers will answer a survey before and after realizing the use cases. The test-track study will be processed by two Arteon cars, provided by Volkswagen.

AMZS facilities in Vransko, Slovenia
AMZS facilities in Vransko, Slovenia

Use cases preparation
Use cases preparation

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