Highlighting BRAVE Advisory board


The purpose behind the creation of an advisory board within BRAVE is to organize a structured two-ways dialogue between the consortium partners and a number of stakeholders, in order to maximize the outreach of the project.

The committee members will meet once every six months to provide feedback and guide the project development with their requirements. They will comment on the project objectives, work plan and ongoing activities. Moreover, members of BRAVE advisory board will help disseminate the projects objectives and results while participating in various conferences, workshops and events.



This strategic committee is now set up, composed of experts representing BRAVE fields of work (Human Machine interfaces, automated driving, pedestrians’ detection, etc.) and the various stakeholders that will be involved throughout the project. The advisory board especially include large companies (Ferrovial servicios, Renault S.A., PSA Group), Public authorities (Swedish Transport Administration, German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure), Research centres (Laboratory of Accidentology and Biomechanics PSA-Renault, Fiat research centre), Insurance companies (MAPFRE Insurance), clusters (Automotive Cluster of Slovenia) and SMEs (TT Sistemas, Idneo).

In particular, BRAVE has sought the involvement of stakeholders from all the EU and further away. Representatives from the University of Sydney (Australia) and the University of Berkeley (USA) will provide a wider view and enrich the discussions. Leaders of related H2020 funded projects will also join this advisory board to help create synergies between projects sharing common interests and research topics. The feedback provided by those “sister projects” will increase the efficiency of work made in BRAVE, and will provide valuable inputs.


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