Kick-off took place in Madrid on June 28-29 2017

BRAVE was officially launched at the beginning of June 2017, and the project Kick-off took place in Madrid on June 28-29 2017. The event gathered all the partners composing the BRAVE consortium, as well as a representative of the European Commission.

This was the occasion for all BRAVE partners to meet, get to know each other and foresee next steps cooperation. Each entity represented at the meeting further detailed its respective involvement in the project and described the Work Packages and tasks they are responsible of. The exchanges especially focus on how the specific tasks will be implemented.

Discussions were engaged between partners about the activities due to take place during the first months of the project. Those elements have been further detailed, and the action plan defined. The Project Officer also detailed the specific requirements of the European Commission.

This meeting was the starting point of 3 years of high impact international cooperation. Next meeting is expected to take place in November 2017 in Slovenia.

Prototype showcase

Additionally to the discussions, partners from the University of Acala showcased their ongoing projects and the results already achieved regarding the detection of pedestrians (see pictures below).

Showcase of pedestrian detection by University of Acala

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