We lead an international consortium focused on hastening the market adoption of autonomous vehicles.

New technologies in transport enabled systems with the capacity to improve safety, efficiency, sustainability and comfort. Advances in vehicle automation allow the circulation of vehicles with a minimal human intervention in the near future. However, this irruption brings new technical and non-technical challenges that have to be addressed to ensure safe adoption of automated vehicles.

BRAVE, a new European R&D project managed and coordinated by Treelogic, is going to address that issue. Based on existing prototypes of automated vehicles, BRAVE will perform multidisciplinary research to ensure the needs of the users (drivers), other road users (other drivers and Vulnerable Road Users), and the perspectives of stakeholders (driving instructors, insurance companies, authorities, certifiers, policy makers and regulators), as a key for obtaining viable and market-ready products.


The main objective in BRAVE is to improve safety and market adoption of automated vehicles, by considering the needs and requirements of the users, other road users concerned (drivers and VRUs) and relevant stakeholders (i.e. policy makers, standardisation bodies, certifiers, insurance companies, driving schools), assuring safe integration of key enabling technology advancements while being fully compliant with the legal and ethical framework, unlocking its significant economic potential. BRAVE will support a fast introduction of automated driving by assuring the acceptance of all relevant users, other road users affected and stakeholders.



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